PRE is passionate about the future of energy and we understand that the unique challenges that come with this changing world require a deep understanding and attention to detail.

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PRE believes that retaining and improving quality of life, in both the world and also for everyone in our company, is of the foremost importance. We actively work to ensure that our staff is never overloaded with work, so that you can be sure your project is getting the attention and energy it deserves. This attitude translates to the work that we do, because we know the engineering challenges of today make the world of tomorrow a better place.

Our company culture places active emphasis on effective communication in all that we do. You can be sure that we will make every effort to fully understand your projects needs and challenges ensuring the highest quality delivered efficiently on time. This attention to detail eliminates wasted time and effort, and ensures that your project is completed at an affordable cost.

Our History

PRE, Inc was founded in 2005 by John Horak in Denver, Colorado. Combining his decades of experience as both a consultant electrical engineer and as an applications engineer for a prominent relay company, PRE quickly became a go-to engineering firm for investor-owned utilities, municipalities, developers, and many other clients. Soon, our projects included large, multi-million dollar substation projects, and smaller industry changing projects that required solving new and challenging issues.

PRE has continued to grow and serve the same industries and clients with the high level of care and passion that we were founded on. As our team has grown, so has our expertise, such that we are well equipped to take on any cutting edge project. Whether within our internal company culture, or in the work that we do, PRE strives to be at the forefront of a rapidly changing world. Our valuable experience informs us of the existing infrastructure and world. Our diverse expertise enables us to build the future of energy. We can’t wait to get to work with you.

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