WestPower Energy Ongoing Support

Location USA Project Description Long term technical expertise and review was needed to support the development of several power plants. Outcome PRE provided open-ended technical support for the projects as they developed. The work involved fault analysis, relaying comments, technical feasibility assessments, and in some cases relay settings. The projects included Plains End generation (Relay […]

Transmission Relay Specification Standard Development

Location Farmington, NM Project Description A utility needed a standard developed for their protective relaying that brought about greater consistency in all facets of their organization. Outcome Working with our partner Brooks Consulting, LLC, a standard was developed using the MasterSpec numbering system.

NERC Compliance Relay Review

Location USA Project Description In order to ensure NERC compliance, an experienced engineer was required to review relay settings for 20 generation sites and continually support the client maintaining compliance whenever settings were updated. Outcome PRE has been the lead engineer for continued support of relay settings review for about 20 generation sites against NERC […]

San Luis Valley Relay Upgrade

Location San Luis Valley, CO Project Description A new 115kV substation with two new transmission lines and one generator interconnect required the development of new relay settings for the lines and all the associated equipment in the substation. Outcome PRE developed the settings for the new lines and generator interconnect, as well as the relaying […]

Niwot-Gunbarrel Upgrade Relay Settings

Location Boulder, CO Project Description New transmission lines, as well as a new transformer and distribution switchgear were being installed which necessitated the development of several new relay settings. Outcome PRE developed the relay settings for a new 230kV underground line, a new 230/13.8kV transformer, a new 13kV switchgear, as well as the replaced of […]

Imboden Substation Interconnection Upgrade

Location Bennett, CO Project Description For the interconnection of a 1.5MW Solar installation, the utility not only needed the usual upgrades for the interconnection, but also the development of a new 3V0 detection protection scheme. Outcome As the lead engineering consultant supporting the interconnection of a 1.5MW Solar installation on to the utility’s system, PRE […]

Article: Winter Storm Forces Blackouts Across Texas

An informative article on the recent winter storm and rolling blackouts in Texas Winter Storm Forces Blackouts Across Texas By Jeff St. John (Greentech) Unprecedented winter storms have hit Texas so hard and forced so many power plants offline that rolling grid outages that began Sunday night have grown into hours-long blackouts leaving about 2.5 […]