The Texas Power Outage Crisis and the Importance of Thoughtful Mitigation

The recent power grid failures in Texas have certainly made a lot of headlines in both the news and have crowded a lot of social media feeds as well.  A system failure of this magnitude has the unique ability to inspire the insertion of political bias and vitriol on both sides of the isle, and […]

WestPower Energy Ongoing Support

Location USA Project Description Long term technical expertise and review was needed to support the development of several power plants. Outcome PRE provided open-ended technical support for the projects as they developed. The work involved fault analysis, relaying comments, technical feasibility assessments, and in some cases relay settings. The projects included Plains End generation (Relay […]

DER Cyme Modelling

Location Portland, OR Project Description As a part of the effort to assist a utility in identifying the value that customers can capture by delivering benefits to the electric system through Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), the client needed assistance in running steady-state power flow analysis in CYME for various scenarios in order to identify and […]

Contra Costa County, CA

Location Contra Costa County, CA Project Description Sanitation plant system, which includes five 12kV substations, a 12kV cogen plant, a 12kV standby power plant (3 generators), and many hundreds of 480V breakers was in need of a complete system modelling and relay settings updates. Outcome PRE modelled the entire system and performed the short circuit […]

Samson Solar Energy Center Grounding Study

Location Lamar County, TX Project Description The 500MWdc Samson Solar projects are part of a 910 MWdc Samson Solar energy Center. They have a total of (136) 4.2 MVA Solar inverter skids. Detailed grounding analysis and mitigation recommendations were needed. Outcome PRE completed the extensive grounding analysis using CDEGS software, analyzing step and touch potential […]

Moss Landing Power Plant Energy Storage System

Location Moss Landing, CA Project Description The design of a new 300MW, 1200MWh Energy Storage System Installation on a 500KV Interconnection to be installed at the Moss Landing Power Plant required various system studies and other support during it’s design. Outcome As the System Analysis Consultant for the project, PRE provided detailed analysis of Reactive […]

PJM Interconnection Support

Location Pennsylvania Project Description A client who needed varying levels of support for several interconnection applications in the PJM system. Outcome PRE provided support including preparing facility losses and loads estimates, system equivalent models, and Quality Checks of various interconnections figures and documents.

Article: Winter Storm Forces Blackouts Across Texas

An informative article on the recent winter storm and rolling blackouts in Texas Winter Storm Forces Blackouts Across Texas By Jeff St. John (Greentech) Unprecedented winter storms have hit Texas so hard and forced so many power plants offline that rolling grid outages that began Sunday night have grown into hours-long blackouts leaving about 2.5 […]